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About TwinCity Medical Mobile

We perform Modified Barium Swallow tests at skilled nursing, assisted living and independent care facilities, as well as private homes, through the convenience of our state-of-the-art, traveling medical van.

About TwinCity Medical Mobile
At TwinCity Medical Mobile, we perform Modified Barium Swallow tests on patients through the convenience of our state-of-the-art, traveling medical van. After receiving an order from a physician that an MBS test is needed, we travel to the nursing home, long-term care facility, skilled nursing facility or assisted living facility to deliver the test conveniently, so the patient does not have to leave their residence. Our passion is helping the elderly, and we are proud to serve facilities throughout and beyond the Piedmont Region.

Our services eliminate the need for patients to go the traditional route of spending up to half a day at a hospital or outpatient center to get an MBS test done and exhaust themselves in the process. Not only is our mobile unit fast and convenient for our patients, but we make the reporting process quick and easy. After performing the test, we download it to a DVR and make additional copies. The patient, the speech therapists and family members can view the study for free at their leisure. They are also welcome to be present on the truck to view the test taking place and to offer support.

Our owner and founder, Rick Cornwall, has 45 years of experience as a Physician Assistant and spent 27 years in the military. After retiring from the medical community, he realized a better way to do MBS studies for elderly care facilities was needed and decided to bring these services to seniors a more efficient, effective way. A speech language pathologist travels with him to perform the testing and helps the elderly receive the care they need, conveniently and compassionately.

If you believe your care center could benefit from our advantageous approach to MBS studies, please contact us today. We welcome your call and look forward to hearing from you!