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Our Approach to the Swallow Test: How it Benefits Patients
A swallowing disorder, or dysphagia, can be difficult to live with, especially if it remains untreated and no solutions are prescribed. At TwinCity Medical Mobile, our unique approach to the swallow test helps patients at nursing homes and long-term care facilities confirm dysphagia and provides their care providers with the information they need to move forward with treatment. In addition to our unique process, our mobile swallow test services offer the following benefits:

  • Convenience–When patients need a swallow test, the traditional testing process involves long wait times at a hospital or outpatient facility, which exhausts patients and may take up an entire day. Our approach to swallowing testing eliminates this hassle and inconvenience by coming directly to the location of the patient.
  • Comprehensive documentation–Every swallow test performed on our medical mobile van is recorded on DVR. Then it is provided to all necessary medical providers, so they can view it easily and provide customizable treatment solutions.
  • Support–Our team is extremely caring. Not only do we provide compassionate testing services, but we also allow patients to have a family member or friend come with them on our medical mobile van during the testing process for added support.

We are eager to discuss how your care facility could benefit from our highly advantageous approach to swallow testing. If you would like to know more about the services we offer and what sets them apart, please reach out to us today.