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Signs You Should Schedule a Swallow Evaluation

A swallow evaluation, or Modified Barium Swallow (MBS) test, allows your doctor to see whether aspiration occurs when you eat. It also lets your treating physician observe the way your mouth and throat work together when actively chewing, drinking, and swallowing.

If you have a hard time eating and swallowing, a swallow evaluation may be in your future. Here are some of the signs you should pursue an MBS test at the recommendation of your doctor or speech pathologist:

  • It hurts to swallow, or you are unable to swallow at all.
  • When you eat, you frequently experience the sensation of having something stuck in your throat, even if food isn’t actually caught there.
  • Eating makes you particularly hoarse or drool.
  • You experience frequent heartburn after you eat, and you often regurgitate your food.
  • You gag or cough when you swallow.
  • Food or stomach acid comes back up into your mouth/throat when you eat.
  • You have unexpectedly lost weight and have to cut up your food into tiny pieces before eating.

Consistent difficulty swallowing can lead to malnutrition, aspiration pneumonia, and even choking in severe cases.

At TwinCity Medical Mobile, we will come to you to perform your swallow evaluation, eliminating the time and hassle associated with going to a hospital or outpatient center for the test. Have your physician or speech pathologist refer you to us if you need a swallow evaluation performed.