Steps to Take After a Modified Barium Swallow Test | TwinCity Medical Mobile


After receiving the results of your Modified Barium Swallow Test, you may have to wait a few days until a radiologist or speech language pathologist is able to review the results and provide them to your treating physician. After getting the information, your doctor should be able to recommend a personalized plan of action. Generally speaking, the following will occur once your Modified Barium Swallow Test is completed:

  • The results will showcase the digestive wave throughout the entire esophagus. After barium travels up to the end of the esophagus, it travels into the stomach.
  • In some cases, the barium may identify problems in the back of the throat, the stomach, or the esophagus. These problems can be anything from tumors, narrowing, ulcers, polyps, or disorders of the food traveling from one point to another in the system. This test may also show enlarged veins, pouches that open up along the esophagus, and diverticula.
  • If the results of your Modified Barium Swallow test reveal cause for concern, your doctor may recommend other medications, treatments, or procedures you could benefit from. The treatment solutions will vary depending on your personal condition.

If you have any unusual issues after the Modified Barium Swallow test is completed, such as trouble breathing, pain, bleeding, or vomiting, you should contact your physician. You should also call your doctor if you do not have a bowel movement within two to three days of the test.

Here at TwinCity Medical Mobile, we try to make the testing process as easy on our patients as possible. If you would like to know more, please contact us today!