With Medical Mobile Services, Our Diagnosticians Come to You When You Need Them Most

At TwinCity Medical Mobile, we’re committed to helping the elderly and making the process of administering a Modified Barium Swallow Test as easy and convenient as possible. On the referral of a speech pathologist, our mobile state-of-the-art medical mobile services van allows us to come to your location in the Piedmont area of North Carolina, to administer the MBS test wherever you may be.

Our medical mobile services van allows us to travel to private homes, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. Our services ensure that you don’t have to venture far, or commit to a trip to the hospital, to receive testing for possible causes of swallowing difficulty.

Our team of diagnosticians is able to administer an effective MBS procedure with our mobile medical services and significantly reduce the amount of time needed to complete the modified barium swallow procedure aboard our mobile medical van.

What Does The Process Entail? 

After your treating physician orders the test, our team at TwinCity Medical Mobile travels to your location to administer the MBS test onboard the medical van. After swallowing a solution containing barium, we are able to see abnormalities via x-ray to determine possible issues in the swallowing process by documenting periods of aspiration.

The whole process takes about 45 minutes, and family and staff are encouraged to join the patient on the van for support. After the test, the results are provided in a report which can be downloaded to a DVR, from which multiple copies can be made for the treating physician and speech pathologist. The results can help your physician or speech pathologist determine whether you may require a modified diet or specific swallowing therapy.