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Swallowing Disorders, Gastonia, NC

We provide medical mobile testing services to those who struggle with swallowing disorders throughout Gastonia.

Swallowing Disorders, Gastonia, North Carolina

Formally known as dysphagia, swallowing disorders can happen at any of the three phases that compose the swallowing process. For example, if you have a swallowing disorder that occurs at the oral phase, you may have a hard time sucking, chewing, or moving food from your mouth toward your throat. Swallowing disorders can also occur at the pharyngeal phase, where food travels down the throat, or at the esophageal phase, where food makes its way to the stomach from the esophagus.

Many diseases, medical conditions, and surgical interventions can cause swallowing disorders. You may have a swallowing disorder if you require extra time to chew and swallow; eating and drinking are difficult, time-consuming activities; or you experience coughing fits during or after eating. You may also suffer from a swallowing disorder if chest congestion consistently occurs after eating, food and liquids leak from the sides of your mouth while you eat, or dehydration and weight loss become issues because you cannot eat enough.

In most cases, swallowing disorders can be confirmed through a Modified Barium Swallow test. This process involves consuming liquid or food that contains barium, and once the barium starts moving through the digestive tract, it is tracked via x-ray.

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