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Swallowing Disorders, Hickory, NC

We help patients with swallowing disorders throughout the Hickory area.

Swallowing Disorders in Hickory, North Carolina

Dysphagia, which is a broad term for swallowing disorders, can happen at any one of the three phases during the swallowing process. For example, if a patient has a swallowing disorder at the oral phase, they may have difficulty sucking, chewing, or moving food or liquid from their mouth and down into the throat. Swallowing disorders also encompass the pharyngeal phase, where food moves down the throat, or the esophageal phase, where food moves down into the stomach from the esophagus.

Surgical interventions, diseases, and a variety of medical conditions can create swallowing problems. You may have a swallowing disorder if you have to put in an extreme amount of effort to chew and swallow or if you need to cough whenever you drink or eat. You might also have a swallowing disorder if recurring chest congestion happens after you eat, if liquids leak from your mouth while eating, or if you struggle with dehydration or weight loss because you cannot eat or drink enough.

In most cases, swallowing disorders can be diagnosed through a Modified Barium Swallow test. During this type of test, the patient consumes liquid or food that contains barium, and the swallowing process is tracked through x-ray.

At TwinCity Medical Mobile, we help patients with swallowing disorders throughout the Hickory, North Carolina area. We perform MBS tests at extended care facilities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and other care facilities aboard our state-of-the-art traveling medical van. If you would like to know more, please reach out to us today!




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